Zero breeze portable air conditioner | Top Feature | Why should you use it?

All about Zero breeze portable air conditioner | Top Feature | Why should you use it?

Zero Breeze

Even if the summer soon comes to an end this year, it shows again what he can do everything and as always – the next summer is sure to come. For exactly this case, we now introduce you to the Zero Breeze, a really cool gadget that cools you down in the form of a portable air conditioning system.

Zero Breeze portable air conditioner

When the heat is oppressive, working and living in non-refrigerated environments can be really difficult. Where it is not possible (or comfortable) to install a fixed device on the wall, portable air conditioners come to our aid.

#Top features for Zero Breeze portable air conditioner

The air conditioning Zero Breeze stands out for its lightness: it weighs in fact only 8.8 lbs. Equipped with comfortable wheels at the base, it is, therefore, possible to transport it easily in the various environments to be refreshed. The technical features:

  • Weight: 808 lbs
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Cooling capacity: 1100 BTU/hour
  • A refrigerant gas used
  • Energy consumption
  • Exhaust pipe dimension.
Top Features

The air conditioner is supplied with all the accessories necessary for its operation, from the batteries to the remote control up to the extension and connection for the connection of the exhaust pipe, pipe holder, door, and manual.

Stretch Radiating

The functions are adjustable from remote control both from the control panel with LCD display and LED operating lights.

Two Colors

Accessories and functionality of the air conditioner

Zero Breeze is a recirculation mode air conditioner that uses R410A refrigerant gas. It is characterized by 3 operating modes:

  • Cooling down
  • Dehumidification (removing the condensation from the Conditioned air)
  • Ventilation (4 levels: low, medium, high and automatic).


As regards cooling, Zero Breeze allows you to set the desired temperature in a range between 16 ° and 30 ° C.

There are two types of timers available, one for switching on and the other for turning off. Thanks to the timer, it is possible to adjust the temperature increments from 0.5 hours to 10 hours.

A particularly appreciated function is the sleep mode, to be set during the night hours. In fact, it allows you to set a temperature that, during the night, will tend to increase up to 3 ° more, subsequently maintaining the value reached.

#The advantages of the Zero Breeze air conditioner

Why buy a Zero Breeze air conditioner? The advantages are many, in particular:

  • Low energy consumption (efficiency class A);
  • Regulation up to 30 ° C;
  • Sleep mode with automatic temperature decrease;
  • The possibility of using the separate dehumidification function.

Zero Breeze, therefore, combines high refrigeration performance with respect for the environment, without forgetting the possibility of regulating refrigeration according to the needs and the convenience of transport thanks to the light weight of the device.

#Why should you use Zero Breeze portable air conditioner

Zero Breeze is a practical model, light and equipped with many features that make it a leading product in the industry. With the air-conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification modes it is possible to adjust the environments as desired. Thanks to the manual setting you can select the ideal temperature, between 16 ° and 30 °. The air conditioning is equipped with a convenient display but also with remote control for remote control. The timer and the various automatic functions are some of the strengths of the Zero Breeze. Let’s discover together features and advantages.

Technical Specs

Important Function

The most important function of the Zero Breeze is probably the cooling of the air around you. He is able to cool down a 5 square meter room to about 7 degrees Celsius. Okay, that may be a bit too cold, even on the hottest summer day, but it should definitely show how powerful this gadget is. In addition, he is not tied to one place but can be taken anywhere and battery operation is possible. This lasts between 3 and 5 hours, depending on which of the three cooling levels and which of the additional functions are used during this time.


Portable air conditioning with cool extras

The Zero Breeze is much more than just a portable air conditioner. With its built-in Bluetoothlautsprecher, it ensures, for example, that you do not have to give up your favorite sound whether on the beach or camping. But that’s not all. Furthermore, it is equipped with a night light that, ideal for a camping trip, ensures a pleasant lighting in the tent.

Last but not least, the two USB ports should not go unmentioned. With these, you can load anytime, anywhere your phone or tablet. In addition, the package also includes a retractable hose that can be routed so that the Zero Breeze draws air from outside the room so it provides you with fresh air instead of “recycling” the existing one.

Zero Breeze in time for next summer

All in all, this gadget is a useful multifunctional talent on summer days. Although it is a bit late for this year, the sweaty experiences of the last few days should be a reasonable explanation that this project has already been funded on Kickstarter to almost 300 %, although it can be supported in future.

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