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If you want new running shoes then you have a number of important choices to make. We make it simpler for you so that you can easily choose the best shoe!

Enjoy running with new shoes

Beautiful new running shoes can really be necessary but sometimes it is also nice to treat yourself.

Running shoes

Running shoes

I myself need new running shoes and therefore I take you with the most common running shoes. With a normal pair of running shoes, you can walk from 1000 to 1500 kilometers. View the running shoe tips below plus compare from online shoe experts.


More and more I get the question where to buy running shoes and my advice for your first pair of running shoes is the running specialty store. That takes some time and probably they do not have every size and every type in stock, but a good shoe prevents injuries. Many runners will later buy their running shoes online because it is fast, easy, cheaper and can be returned free of charge.

In person

I used to walk more than double than those kilometers with a couple and that was not wise. It is, therefore, time for a new pair of running shoes because the lifespan is not infinite, which is why I like to hear your opinion. Because shoes are very personal. What works well for me or for you may not be good for someone else.

Running shoes-2


Running shoes The most frequently asked questions about choosing running shoes are:

  • I just start running and want to see if it’s something for me. Do I have to buy new ones? Yes, unfortunately, many injuries are caused by old/bad shoes. New running shoes help prevent injuries.
  • How long do running shoes last? Overall you can keep 1500 km and/or 2 years, but this is different per brand and I prefer to be confident for the uncertain so replace them in time to prevent injuries caused by stiff soles.
  • Buying online or paying more in a specialist shop? Choose the specialty store if it is your first pair. Then you can consider ordering them online to save on running shoes
  • What costs running shoes? Usually between 75 and 150 euros. We would never economize on the one hand, but it is not necessarily better. Save by buying online. You can send for free and also return free of charge, even after running a few times.
  • And those cheap running shoes of 30 euros at the supermarket and DIY store? We have extensively tested and we do not recommend this.
  • What is pronation and what do I have to do with it? That goes quite far but is important. First, let’s grab this subject so that you know what to do with it.
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Beautiful new shoes

New running shoes are just getting better and make running more fun!


Good running shoes are different for everyone. It depends primarily on your personal pronation. Then there are less important criteria such as damping, weight, brand preference and weight.

Types of pronation

You have 3 types of pronation:

  • Overpronation – You walk on the inside of the shoe
  • Neutral – You walk straight
  • Underpronation – You walk on the outside of the shoe

Under and overpronation

Ok, but how do you deal with this in practice? The best thing is I think to give my experience. The first pair of shoes I put on is a pair of Brooks Glycerin, in size 45. They are just not wide enough, but I still have to walk through the store. In the meantime, a video is made so that it is also known which posture I assume when I walk, which turns out to be neutral.

This attitude determines what kind of support should be present in the shoe so that you walk straight. In case of overpronation, you walk on the inside of your foot, with under pronation (supination) you walk over the outside of your foot. Neutral is of course in the middle.

Heel, metatarsal or forefoot landing

What does that say, that first pair of shoes! A big difference with the 6-year-old kickers that I started on. It strikes me immediately that the soles are soft, but not so soft that I do not feel the surface anymore. I actually put my foot ‘flat’ down automatically when I am running, I land in the middle of my foot and wrap myself to my toes. There is also a difference. There are people who mainly land on the heels, or on the forefoot. 


From what I have read, the opinions are rather divided about that. It seems to me the most healthy to land on the midfoot or forefoot and to settle to the toes. As long as the shoes have a cushioning sole, they are also suitable for choppers. Barefoot or other minimalist shoes cannot be used as a chopper or adjust your running style. 


Besides the pronation, it is good to pay attention to the so-called drop of the running shoe. This drop is the height difference of the sole of a running shoe from heel to toe. In ordinary people language that means how far you are tilted forward. In recent years you have seen more and more the need for runners to reduce the drop to run a bit more naturally. The advantages of a low drop are not to be undisputed but according to most experts plus runners the better running position plus weight saving of the shoes. Weight is not so important with regular shoes or walking shoes but with this running sleeve the more.


You can choose different types of running shoes:

  • No running shoes, more and more people want to run with bare feet. According to some scholars and runners, it is better (in the past we also walked that way) but the injury chance is a lot higher. They cost 0 euros.
  • Normal running shoes with great cushioning and arranged by type of runner (pronation), weight and running style. Nowadays, the thickness of the heel develops from thick to thinner.
  • Barefoot running shoes as intermediate between running between barefoot and normal running shoes.
  • Match shoes, lighter and faster but due to the lower damping also injury more sensitive.

Which running shoes should I buy?

It becomes increasingly clear which running shoes you have to buy. And yes, for some, the color is still the first choice and especially the brightly colored pink are still often the favorite among ladies. Ladies running shoes are somewhat different anatomically shaped, besides that they are of course often available in a much smaller range.

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