Honeywell portable air conditioner-Top features | Why Should you use honeywell portable air conditioner

Honeywell portable air conditioner:

The Honeywell portable air conditioner combines 3in1 technology with a compact, sleek design. The full-featured remote control allows you to operate any function of the air conditioner from any location in the room. The automatic evaporation system allows continuous operation for hours without draining water or emptying a bucket (depending on the humidity in your location).

Honeywell portable air conditioner

Your Honeywell portable air conditioner comes with all the accessories you need, such as a flexible exhaust hose and an easy to install window vent kit.

Top features for Honeywell portable air conditioner

Honeywell portable air conditioning MM14CCS

  • 14,000 BTU portable air conditioning cools rooms up to 51 m²
  • Digital LED display, touchscreen controls
  • Full function remote control
  • Three speeds
  • Automatic on/off timer of 1-24 hours
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Modern design in black and silver
  • Front high gloss – black; Back Matt black

Modern design – high portability – easy installation

Top features for Honeywell portable air conditioner

Honeywell air conditioners are easy to install. You do not need professional help. Just plug it in, connect the drain hose and you’re done! Please read the operating instructions before using

Automatic evaporation system

Honeywell air conditioners are equipped with a patented automatic evaporation system. The condensation water is discharged via the discharge hose. As a result, they do not need an additional waste water tank.

Touch-screen control

Honeywell portable air conditioners are equipped with a high-quality touchscreen control. All functions can be started in less than 3 seconds via the control panel or with the enclosed remote control.

Energy efficiency class: A

We create and build innovation for a world that is more energy efficient and where our quality of life is constantly improving.

Why Should you use Honeywell portable air conditioner:

According to Honeywell a room up to 33 square meters can be cooled with it. We have a room under the roof, as unfortunately the temperatures sometimes rise quite high. In the last few days, we have set up this mobile air conditioner and were pleasantly surprised that the device was able to keep the low temperature constant. Of course, we are also looking forward to the electricity bill. After all, the device is rated A for energy efficiency. That is already positive.

The air conditioner from Honeywell has the basic functions required for a good indoor climate and is easy to understand for handling after some free play even for the inexperienced user. Unfortunately, the supplied operating instructions are very sketchy and refer, among other things, to non-existent page numbers. Besides the slightly too thick window funnel, there is no further reason for criticism.

The air conditioner has the functions, cooling, ventilation and humidification and three fan speeds which can be freely selected depending on the set mode or set by the device to achieve the best possible efficiency. The volume of the fan is acceptable at all three levels, at the highest level blowing a decent wind with corresponding noise emission. Of course, if you let the air conditioner work properly, you also have to reckon with the power consumption corresponding to the power delivered.

The unit is classified in energy efficiency class A and should, therefore, keep the desire for cool rooms in an affordable frame. The air conditioner is designed according to instructions for rooms up to 33m ², in a much larger room, the cooling capacity is still very satisfactory and the lowest possible temperature of Arctic 16 ° C is reached with some patience. Realistic temperature requirements of 20 ° C are met quite quickly and then the fan is automatically lowered to the lowest level. Since in the ventilation mode the compressor is not running, the power consumption is lowest and the fan is pleasantly quiet in a low level.

The system is ready to use in a few simple steps: unpack, connect the hose and hang out of the window, set the desired temperature on the device and start by remote control … and it begins.
In the niche of the folding window upstairs and cut out a recess for the hose of the air conditioner. The room was sparing. The room had been cooled down from 26 degrees to 18 degrees within 45 minutes of the desired temperature what reached, the device switches down to automatic and does not start again until the temperature rises.

When dehumidifying the sucked air, the water is removed and the air is returned dried. To drain the water, a hose must be connected to the rear of the air conditioner. In the air conditioner operation in very humid rooms, the condensation collects in a tank, which must be emptied by the user. As soon as the tank is full, the unit switches off automatically and a warning light flashes.

With the timer, the device can be turned on or off, however, no exact programming is possible since it only works with full hours from 1 to 24. All functions can be operated with the remote control, but visual information about the set mode can only be read on the air conditioner.


We are completely satisfied with the air conditioner and its performance. We also like the design of the device very well. The black, shiny surface looks chic. The white air conditioners often seem so big and clunky in a room, that’s not the case here with the device. In terms of performance, a very good air conditioner and absolutely top for our purposes. The device is currently cooling down the bedroom but would also be ideal for our office because it would also fit the size.

Last word:

A cool air conditioner with all the necessary functions for cool rooms. For the best possible efficiency, should you put a Plexiglas disk with an outlet for the exhaust hose in the window frame, then the funnel does not need to protrude from the half-open window, which also allows warm air to flow in again. Highly recommended portable air conditioner with decent performance for home and office. Enjoy the cool well being on hot or hot days! We hope you enjoy using your Honeywell.

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