About Us

itechnote Content Marketing is the third division of itechnote International Consultant, which is a service company in the field of training and business consulting that has been established since 2015 in Dhaka. This web content writing division is dedicated to welcoming the development and growth of online marketing which is increasingly widespread in this digital marketing era. Through a very deep concern, itechnote Content Marketing was established to help clients in providing web marketing, re-existing web design into web marketing, and doing maintenance in the form of providing marketing articles professionally written by writers with backgrounds behind business practitioners, free lancer writers from academics, free writers from various hobbyists writing,

Through itechnote Content Marketing, it is expected that the growth rate of web development in Indonesia is not lack of web content writers who are highly qualified and can be more useful for readers, especially the writers of solution providers in business or other online businesses. Through quality writings, it is certainly expected to influence the speed of searching the site on the internet through google search. With the impact, the web owner company can introduce company profiles, marketed products and other services that will be introduced to the site’s readers.